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A little about what we do

As an ISO 9001 accredited company, Emolice are proud to offer a wide range of services that can be customised directly to you. Our team of experienced software engineers and manufacturers can help design, build and engineer technical solutions that cater to a variety of industries. From Consumer Electronics, Industrial Applications, Transport Applications and more.

Whether you’re looking for a standalone PLC or seeking out a uniquely designed control panel system, we are here to deliver.

Our Services

In Detail

At Emolice, we can offer you a vast range of services for your automated manufacturing needs.

From ordering a new sensor part for your assembly line to designing and assembling control panels, we can help.

Check out our services below. If you can’t see a service that you are looking for, please get in touch with our friendly team of experts here.

PLC Software Development

Our team of professional PLC software engineers can design and program software for a variety of automation instruments run by Unitronics PLC’s, starting with as little as a simple design brief.

The result is a fully documented program that not only meets the needs of your application, but which is fully scalable to meet future demands.

Alongside designing PLC software, we can provide full automation and control services. With our professional consulting services, our Engineering Services Team can design, build, programme and test bespoke control systems, unique to you.

Box Build Manufacture & Assembly

Our box build assembly services range from simple control boxes to more complex systems that form part of an engineered solution.

As one of our many areas of expertise, we offer build-to print services (we do not design your product but we are specialists in producing it for you), where we work to your specification and Bill-of-Materials.

Our specialist team can also advise on prototyping, one-off projects and design for manufacture (DfM). We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, our fast turnaround times and our on-time delivery performance.

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Cable Assembly Solutions

With IPC A-620 certification, our Cable Assembly Solutions team (CAS) can create custom made wire assemblies and cut, strip, crimp or tin using our industry proven machines.

Our cable assembly process is simple. CAS are a build to print organisation (we do not design your product but we are specialists in producing it for you). We can either work to your drawings and Bill-of-Materials (BOM) or our in-house CAD technicians can create drawings for you.

Once we have the drawings and BOM, we can typically produce your first sample to approve in less than a week.

The volumes we produce are typically low to medium volume in the tens to hundreds but we are also flexible and can quote on other quantities, all with low costs & fast turnaround.

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Control Panel Manufacturing

At Emolice Control Panel Solutions, we design and manufacture control panels.

Offering a wide range of electrical manufacturing services, we have extensive experience in the design, build and programming of control panels, including: PLC Cabinets, Server Cabinets, Remote IO Panels, Power Distribution Panels, Machine Control Solutions, and complete Industrial Control Systems.

As a multi-engineering business, we can provide everything from the manufacture of a simple control panel built to your design through to the delivery of a complete control system. Our products are assembled in house by our team of specialist technicians and software engineers using process including: electronic assembly, cable assembly, mechanical assembly and PLC programming.

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Printed Circuit Board Assembly

While we offer complete control panel design and PLC software design/action, we also assemble printed circuit boards.

Similar to our Box Build and Wire assemblies, we do not design the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout, but our team of expert assemblers and manufactures can build and produce your PCB from a basic brief.

PCB assembly is a precise operation and our team of specialist assemblers not only produce PCBs but also provide pristine inspection and testing with our industry standard equipment.

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Complete Control Solutions

Where we can design and build the mechanical format, the software, the cable wiring and the enclosure suited to a variety of control panels, we can also manufacture a complete control system unique to you.

These are project based applications, which span across a wide variety of industries.

Our team of professional software designers and technicians are highly skilled and experienced in creating fully bespoke control systems that currently operate in a number of industry sectors.

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Our Process

How We Work

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Test & Improve

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